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Cement eclipses; tiny cement skeletons haunt the streets in Mexico.


Paul Gauguin (1848-1903) - The Cellist (1894)


Paul Gauguin (1848-1903) - The Cellist (1894)

1. Zart und mit Ausdruck

Cello Friday:

Robert Alexander Schumann
1. Zart und mit Ausdruck - Fantasiestüke Op. 73

Anne Gastinel - CelloClarie Desert - Piano

Melancólico Buenos Aires


Astor Piazzolla - Melancólico Buenos Aires


paintings by Julius Bissier (1893-1965) German painter and draughtsman

Sur Une Tombe

Opera/Vocal Wednesday

Guillaume Lekeu
Sur une tombe - Trois Poèmes for soprano and piano.

Philippe Jaroussky - Countertenor
Jerome Ducros - Piano

La printanière et douce matinée est pleine du parfum des nouvelles fleurs ; la caresse du vent berce les jeunes feuilles du parc silencieux du Mystère de la Mort. Sous ces roses, dont jadis tu as aimé les sœurs, tu reposes, pure, inoubliable Amie, en ton immortelle pâleur. Les soirs d’hiver, où ma pensée a revécu ton souvenir, se sont enfuis ; et c’est ta tombe qu’aujourd’hui j’ai voulu revoir. Oh ! puisses-tu, de cette tombe aimée où les violettes et les roses protègent doucement ton paisible sommeil, puisses-tu respirer la senteur triste et tendre de l’immortelle fleur qu’en mon cœur fit éclore notre Amour éternel !

Sweet is the morn, and all the air of spring is fragrant with the scent of her newborn flowers; the soft touch of the breeze sets the young leaves awaving within this silent realm of the Mystery of Death. Beneath these roses, of which once you loved the sisters frail, you repose, pure, unforgettable beloved, immortally pale. The winter eves, when all my thoughts were filled with memories of you, are over now; and it is your tomb that once again I have come to see. Ah! would that you, from this dear grave of yours, where now these violets and roses so tenderly protect and watch over your rest, would that you could inhale aught of the sweet, sad perfume of the immortal flower our everlasting love has brought forth in my breast!

4. Allegro molto

Music Monday:

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
4. Allegro molto - Symphony in B flat major, Anh. 216

The English Concert - Trevor Pinnock, cond.

2. Tapiales

Cello Friday:

Luis Jorge Gonzalez
2. Tapiales - Confín sur: Suite para violonchelo y piano

Juan Hermida - Cello
Misa Ito - Piano

04. Yo Soy Maria

Opera/Vocal Wednesday:

Astor P. Piazzolla
Cuadro 4: “Yo soy María” - María de Buenos Aires

Julia Zenko - Maria (Mezzo-soprano)
Kremerata - Gidon Kremer, cond.

Yo soy María de Buenos Aires!
De Buenos Aires María ¿no ven quién soy yo?
María tango, María del arrabal!
María noche, María pasión fatal!
María del amor! De Buenos Aires soy yo!

Yo soy María de Buenos Aires
si en este barrio la gente pregunta quién soy,
pronto muy bien lo sabrán
las hembras que me envidiarán,
y cada macho a mis pies
como un ratón en mi trampa ha de caer!

Yo soy María de Buenos Aires!
Soy la más bruja cantando y amando también!
Si el bandoneón me provoca… Tiará, tatá!
Le muerdo fuerte la boca… Tiará, tatá!
Con diez espasmos en flor que yo tengo en mi ser!

Siempre me digo “Dale María!”
cuando un misterio me viene trepando en la voz!
Y canto un tango que nadie jamás cantó
y sueño un sueño que nadie jamás soñó,
porque el mañana es hoy con el ayer después, che!


I am María from Buenos Aires
from Buenos Aires María, don’t you see who I am?
María tango, María from the suburb
María night, María fatal passion
María of love, from Buenos Aires I am!

I am María from Buenos Aires
If in this neighborhood people ask who I am
soon they’ll know
the females that will envy me
and every macho at my feet,
like a mouse in my trap, will fall

I am María from Buenos Aires
I’m the most witch in singing and loving too
If the bandoneon provokes me… tiará, tatá!
I bite hard its mouth… tiará, tatá!
with ten spasms in bloom that I have in my being

I always tell myself “let’s go María”
when a mystery climbs in my voice
and I sing a tango that nobody ever sang
and I dream a dream that nobody ever dreamed
because tomorrow is today with yesterday later, che!


Painting by Cathy Cullis


Painting by Cathy Cullis